Fine Art

Our Fine Art collections include unique artworks looking at the modern phase of the conflict in Northern Ireland, a notable Pop Art collection and exquisite Georgian paintings from the 1700s.

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21st Century Art
Our contemporary collection shows that art can be a powerful voice in today’s society. It addresses issues of war, race, gender, civil liberties and national identity.

20th Century Art
Our collection reflects important trends in British painting and sculpture from the first half of the twentieth century, as well as more recent developments. Our Pop Art collection, which includes artwork from Britain and America, is one of the best known in Britain outside London’s Tate Gallery. Our Northern Ireland collection, which looks at the modern phase of the conflict and includes works by both Irish and British artists, is the only one of its kind in the UK.

Victorian Art 1837 – 1901
Local industrialists Philip Horsman and Sidney Cartwright, the founders of Wolverhampton Art Gallery, donated their personal collections of Victorian art. Gifts and purchases have enlarged the collection, which now includes paintings by Edwin Landseer, Francis Danby, Elizabeth Armstrong Forbes, John Faed and William Frederick Yeames.  Our collection of Victorian Genre paintings – domestic scenes telling moral and sentimental stories – by members of the Cranbrook Colony, a group of artists based in Kent, is the finest in the UK.

Georgian Art 1714 – 1837
Local industrialists Philip Horsman, Sidney Cartwright and Paul Lutz bequeathed several eighteenth-century paintings to Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Gifts and purchases enlarged the collection during the twentieth century.

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