Browsing Images

Click on the Browse Images link, located underneath the search box and images will appear across the page. There are many images to browse through and you can move around this page to reveal them. A hand symbol is displayed as you hover over the images, hold down the left mouse button and drag this hand symbol across the page in any direction. This will display more images of items in the collection.

Click on the image to display basic information such as name, brief description and related subjects. These related subjects are displayed in red and when clicked direct you to other images related to the same subjects. To display full details of the item click on View Details and the complete record will appear with the image. Some records will have more than one image attached and these will all be displayed with the catalogue record.

Each time you visit the page you will see a different set of images, so if you want to see images about a different topic simply press the F5 key on your keyboard to refresh the page.

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